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Award Winning Internal & External Plant Displays

Our internal and external plant displays comprise of some of our award winning work. With a range of options you're able to select from fresh flowers or artificial flowers. City Plant Displays has various seasonal displays that are changed and maintained based on your selected package.

The prices have never changed, are considered an all-time low for the area of London. What’s more, is you can take advantage of our Property Plus discount; which allows a 25% discount on every additional property you take up with us.

Soft Landscaping

CPD’s soft landscaping is a hard service to outline, we like to think of it more as “what can’t we do”. Our common services consist of decking, pathways, and lawn work; but expands to a wide range of options. So if you ‘re looking for some high quality soft landscaping work, feel free to pop up and enquire as to our ability to carry out the task, and the potential cost.

Auto Irrigation Systems

We can install custom auto irrigation system that allow you to avoid all that pesky watering, by doing it all for you. These systems come made to measure, complete with a state-of-the-art control panel that can be set to specific schedules, so that you, or your work place, are never inconvenienced.

Maintenance Programs

City Plant Displays will work with you to find the most cost effective method of maintenance. Some of clients have even found that our services cut their plant maintenance costs in half!

Our maintenance programs consist of watering plants, feeding, trimming, free replacement of dead or dying plants, 3 seasonal plant displays per year, pest and disease control, and more.

Tools & Chemicals

City Plant Displays only ever uses the highest quality tools and services, utilised by professionals with years of experience. Here you can download our list of important tools and chemicals which is always changing.


London in Bloom 2003

London in Bloom 2013

Flowers in the City

Brighter Kensington & Chelsea 2001

Brighter Kensington & Chelsea 2004

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